Fall report

As most of us know the weather has been all over the place, making for an unusual October and early November. Most of the diehard fishermen including myself spend 10 months of the year waiting on mid October-mid December because of the typical great “catching conditions” inshore, nearshore and offshore. I’ve had to explain to many of my regular fall clients the past few weeks that the cooling trend in October and early November is the number one factor in “firing off!” the fall bite and when we have summer like conditions, the fish do summer like things. Those first few days of cooling water temps early to mid October set the stage for our fall patterns to materialize, especially when it’s a consistent cooling trend without bouts of unseasonal warmth. In short, we’ve had some good fishing days mixed in with some off days but, overall the fishing has been steady. With this week’s forecast possibly breaking record high temperatures in some areas, we may be facing another set back or subtle warm days may prolong the fall bite. The most recent shot of colder air certainly cooled the water temperatures down considerably and definitely improved fishing for some of the fall targets. Either way, we’ll be fishing…

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