The past week has been busy teaching fishing schools at Cashion Rods in Sanford NC and Fishermen’s Post in Morehead City NC, inshore fishing one day and a few days in the shop working on fish mounts.

This sailfish did not require a full restoration but, it was really busted up from pectoral fin forward. I was able to repair, repaint (by blending) and gloss coat (the entire mount) making it look like new. It’s always good when the customer says “it’s beyond my expectations, it’s probably better than it was before the damage”

I did have a great repeat group this week, Anna and Cory had a good day inshore for late February. Catching black drum, gray trout, sea mullet and even one barley legal sea bass all inshore. Anna had the biggest fish of the day pictured here but, Cory was quite sure his number of fish exceeded hers, either way the kept enough for dinner, released plenty and had a great day on the water.

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